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Security: The Layered Approach

Sept 20 | 2:00-3:00pm

Ransomware incidents have exploded in the last few years, infecting hundreds of thousands of systems worldwide. Over 70% of attacks occurred at SMBs. Learn how you are targeted and determine if you have all of the layers needed.

Evolving Malware Needs Smarter Security

New malware is flooding the internet everyday. Security firms have confirmed that anti-virus alone cannot keep up. Over 70% of attacks target small/medium businesses because they don’t have the technical resources or experience to lock down their networks.

Join us for this informational webinar to learn more about the different layers of security and how to deter hackers!.

Thursday, September 20th, 2:00-3:00pm

Free; open for anyone to attend

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Topics We’re Covering:

Smart DNS

Block DNS requests (browser URLs) to servers that have been reported as phishing and malware hosts.

Geo IP Filtering

Block connections from countries that you don’t do business with, stopping hackers from untraceable locations.

Intrusion Detection

Detect and block external port scanning on your network, a common practice before launching an attack.

APT Blocker

Intelligent protection that moves zero day threats, like ransomware, into a sandbox to analyze behavior.

Email Phishing Defense

Scan and block phishing attempts and malware attacks before users inadvertently take action on them.

Strengthened Passwords

Strengthened network account policies, like password complexity, which greatly reduces vulnerabilities.

Multi-point Anti-Virus

Signature-based AV on your PC gets extended to your internet gateway, stopping threats before they enter.

Secured Wi-Fi Network

Secure your Wi-Fi from keygen hackers. Build an isolated guest network and lock internal Wi-Fi with AD passwords.

About The Speakers

Johan Bloomhart

Virtual CTO/Engineer

Johan is a Senior Director at WatchGuard Technologies with extensive experience in network and information security. He is a seasoned presenter and enjoys sharing his passion.

Dan Merino


Dan is a Senior Consultant at SWAT Systems. He has over 17 years in the IT industry (aka an IT Yoda). His resume includes technical sales, escalation support, and system architect experience.

Hillary Taylor-Hartle


Hillary is a Manager at WatchGuard Technologies with over 12 years in the network security industry. She collaborates with IT partners in the Pacific Northwest to deliver proven security solutions.

Who Are We?

Founded in 1999, SWAT Systems initially helped companies become Y2K-compliant. Eventually it moved into helping build the infrastructure of many of the early dot-com companies. Today, technology services from SWAY Systems are designed, created, and implemented with the modern business’ needs in mind. This ensures a return on IT investments today and in the future.